You're Still the One (Ribbon Ridge #6)

You're Still the One - Darcy Burke

This is the final book in the Archer siblings series, and I must say that it was an overall disappointing read.  

The major problem I had with this was that there was no communication between Hayden and Bex, especially about the events of their past.  They fell into a "relationship" very quickly, and never dealt with anything!  The ending of the book brought everything to a head, with lots of conflict and angst, but I felt that this couple was too much in their own heads and not as an actual growing couple.

I also felt that this book was based on more manipulation than all the others combined.  I get that the mom, Emily Archer, wants the family together and near her, but she took it a bit too far with Hayden and Bex.  She didn't even know what her actions would do to those she "loved"!  Granted, it was because Hayden and Bex had kept secrets, but her manipulating the situation to throw them together didn't exactly help matters either.  It left a very bitter taste in my mental palate!

All things considered, the series is a good one, but this book was a weak finish for me.  I'm interested to see what happens with the Westcott siblings, so I hope to see more of Ribbon Ridge!