Fatal Identity (Fatal #10)

Fatal Identity (The Fatal Series) - Marie Force

This book has me rather torn. On one hand, it was a decent read, but on the other, it felt very implausible. I hated the Avery situation, especially since he was with Shelby during one part of it, and kept thinking "Why can't he get over Sam?! This is bordering on obsession!" Sam also didn't really seem that concerned with her constant interference in cases when she's on suspension, and she comes across as too lucky to get into excessive trouble for the massive chip on her shoulder. It is very clear she's getting favoritism, maybe not because of her dad, but because of her case closure rate, and it just didn't feel realistic. The Cappuano family getting over the flu so quickly was slightly hard to swallow, as was the entire mystery plot. I know it seems like I despised this book, but my complaints didn't hinder me from enjoying the story overall. While I plan on continuing with the series, I think it will have to be from the safety of my local library system.