Adapted for Film

Adapted for Film - Stacey Rourke

This book wasn't really worth 3 stars for me, though it was mildly entertaining.  The book is told in a series of flashbacks, which I found more annoying than interesting.  Aubrey was a very annoying heroine, blowing hot and cold between being a strong independent author and a spineless wimp.  Both of her love interests were judgemental and caught up in their own worlds and needs to be supportive of Aubrey.  I live a relationship like that, I really didn't need to read about one too.  Granted, everything worked out in the end, but Aubrey had to grow up for that to happen, and I felt she didn't have enough time plot wise for that to happen before she got her happily ever after.  It was a quick read, but not that enjoyable of one.