Leah's Choice (Hannah's Daughters #4)

Leah's Choice - Emma  Miller

In this book, we return to Hannah Yoder and her daughters, and the focus of this book is on Leah, who is having trouble fitting in after her return from caring for her grandmother in Ohio.

While I normally can sink into an Amish novel, Leah didn't sit right with me. She was too quick to deceive her family, but also internalized much of her thoughts and struggles, even from the man she was interested in marrying! I also couldn't see much of a connection with God in this story, even though Leah claimed to pray about her feelings. As such, I felt that what little romance there was moved too quickly for my tastes.

This book felt like it was written under pressure and slapped together rather quickly, so new readers don't get much of a sense of community from this installment of the series. That being said, the subplot with Leah's sister Johanna did take an interesting turn in this book, so it is worth reading just to keep up on that situation.