Sixth Grave On the Edge (Charley Davidson #6)

Sixth Grave on the Edge  - Darynda Jones

I went into this with very low expectations, as I've really not been enjoying the series much, and to me it didn't improve at all. Warning, there will be spoilers in this review!

I had to go back and read several passages because they didn't make any sense the first time I read them. It seemed that the case Charley took was only there to introduce the character of the Dealer, and there wasn't enough backstory given on him to keep me interested. There also wasn't enough overall plot arc advancement for me, and that ending!! No way, totally implausible to me! No outward symptoms, just all of a sudden a spark that is automatically assumed to be a child? She had only just agreed to marry Reyes! Nope, totally not buying it.

I'm not even willing to try to soldier on to get to Brighter Than the Sun that I picked up a couple of months ago.