Star Wars: A New Dawn (Star Wars Canon)

A New Dawn: Star Wars - Dave Filoni, John Jackson Miller

This is the first time I've read anything by this author and the first time I've read anything other than the "Based on the Movie/TV show" novelizations in the Star Wars Universe, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed it! It takes place before the events of Star Wars: Rebels Spark of Rebellion, and I found it interesting to read how Kanan and Hera met and came to be working together. I loved the beginning chapter of the book with Caleb Dume! I had to read that to my family a couple of different times, I loved it so much! The book was richly done, and I had little problem imagining this as a very long animated movie. I could especially hear Kanan's voice in my head as I read this! What a great read! I'm a bit eager to read other books that pique my interest in the Star Wars Universe, but most definitely Star Wars: Kenobi!