Can't Help Falling in Love (Memphis Moments #2)

Can't Help Falling in Love - Annalisa Daughety

When I read the first story in the series, I was really torn about it, but reading this one left me no doubt: I did not enjoy this story!  However, I did enjoy the check ins with the heroine from the previous book.

Emily and Andrew both are held back by their tragedies and not really open to a love relationship.  Things just kinda sneak up on them, but the romance just wasn't really there for me.  I just kept feeling like they focused more on who they had lost than on getting to know one another better.

Emily's religious revival felt sudden and unbelievable to me as well, though religion was not a preachy overt sentiment in this story.

I had a hard time keeping my attention on this book, even though it was a short read.  I doubt I'll keep this series, though I do still enjoy the author overall.