Until Tomorrow (Sierra Weddings #3, Cooper Family Trilogy #3)

Until Tomorrow - Jeri Odell

I wasn't that impressed with this story. I found it difficult to read and a bit too far fetched for my enjoyment. The religious part of the story-line felt forced and this gave the book a bit of an unbelievable quality. This was not helped by the manner in which Lexi and Cody "fell" in love. I also had a hard time connecting to the characters overall. The mystery was a bit on the juvenile side and unengaging. There wasn't much connection with the rest of the series to me, other than Cody was the brother of the hero from the second book in the series, and fielded a few calls from said brother. This installment would be one I recommend skipping, especially since the other two books in the series were much better to my way of thinking.