Serving Pleasure (Pleasure #2)

Serving Pleasure (Pleasure Series Book 2) - Alisha Rai

After my lukewarm review of Glutton for Pleasure and needing to find books that finished up a series for a challenge, I broke down and purchased this book. I really wish I hadn't!

Micah was too focused on his tragedy and he had not fully mentally healed from it. I felt he had no business starting an intimate artist's relationship between model/artist, never mind starting a romantic one! While he never actually became abusive to Rana, he also wasn't in a good position to be the emotional rock she needed.

Rana followed Devi's footsteps a bit, in so much as she couldn't stand up to her mother. Eventually, she does, but it comes at a time where emotional blow after blow begins hitting Rana. I felt that the mother was definitely emotionally abusing the three sisters, but most especially Rana! It also didn't help that Rana's self-esteem was pretty much non-existent during all of this.

All things considered, I doubt I will read the final book in the series, if and when it comes out, nor do I think I will continue reading the author's work.