Insider - Olivia Cunning Olivia Cunning is my yard stick when it comes to Rock Star romance novels. I've enjoyed most all of her works, and I wind up comparing any other Rock Star Romance novel to hers when I read them. The Exodus End series is one I've been waiting for, however impatiently, for a while now. Thankfully, this did not disappoint!

Logan is your typical rock god hero, and I liked seeing how Toni tripped him up. Their chemistry was interesting, to say the very least! Toni grew quite a bit while she was with him.

I really liked Toni's evolution as a character. She came into her own while she was on tour with the band and I liked how that helped her deal with the betrayal of some one close to her.

The supporting characters were interesting as well, and even the Sinners cameos we got were fun and interesting as well. I especially want to know more about Dare Mills now!

All things considered, this is a great introduction to the Exodus End band, and can't wait to read the next book in the series!