Imitation in Death (In Death, #17)

Imitation in Death (In Death, #17) - J.D. Robb Even though I read a bunch of this series years ago and fell out of love with them, as I am reading them this time around I find more things I enjoy about them. This one touched on one of my many fascinations: Jack the Ripper. I can't tell you why I am so fascinated with his legend, but I just am. I love seeing the different takes on it, and this was no exception. I liked seeing the "futuristic" chase of Jack, and how he morphed into other killers as well. Eve has quite a few zingers in this book that made me laugh out loud several times. I enjoyed seeing Peabody's advancement as well, I thought it was a long time in coming, but well deserved. All in all, an enjoyable read!