Start Me Up

Start Me Up - Nicole Michaels I picked this book up on sale because I was intrigued by the blurb about it, however after reading it, I'm a bit torn. It was ok, worth a rounded up three star rating, but Anne really kept me from enjoying the story fully.

I liked the idea of the blog, but I didn't like how Anne kept trying to hide how much her blog meant to her/how big of a deal it was. I could understand it if she was an intensely private person, but she wasn't, and it seemed like she wanted to have two separate lives: one for the blog and one for reality. She couldn't accept that someone would want those two personas blended into one and it made me not like Anne as much. She also came across as a bit of a control freak, having to make sure everything appeared perfect, despite the fact that the type of perfection she was seeking was an illusion.

Mike was a bit of an alpha hero, but at the same time his turnaround from being a playboy was a little bit unbelievable. I did like his interactions with Clare and Marie, though using his niece Bailey to get close to Anne was a touch underhanded.

All things considered, it was a mildly interesting read. I liked some of the secondary characters a good bit and one even had a bit of mystery about her. I don't know if I would buy the rest of the series...I'm definitely interested in reading it, just didn't like this one well enough to spend the money on it just yet.