Mister O

Mister O - Lauren Blakely This my second time trying this author, and the second time I haven't enjoyed one of her books. As with the first book, there's always something that pulls it out from a 1 star rating, and for this one, I found it to be Nick's career. I was entertained by the comic artist that had his strip made into a TV show, and that's what saved the book for me.

Unfortunately, the rest of the book was very boring for me. Harper's complete turnaround was a bit unbelievable, and her snark factor could have been toned down a good bit toward the end of the book. Nick was kinda clueless when it came to love itself, but his total "I need to get Harper back" ploy felt a bit false. I also had a hard time connecting with the characters overall, which lessened my enjoyment of the book.

All things considered, I might read a couple of the author's shorter works, but I won't be getting much of her work in the future.