Need You for Always

Need You for Always - Marina Adair By this point, I've read most of the St. Helena's books and they seem to have been going on a downward slope for me, this one going the lowest I can remember. At 40% into it, I was still waiting for something significant to happen. I felt that too much time was spent on character development and not enough time with the main characters being a couple. Emi was overworked and wanted a food truck and Dax had the stereotypical commitment issues seen with a lot of ex-military guys, but it seemed that the focus was on that and not falling in love. Honestly, by the time Dax and Emi started to feel like a couple, my interest had waned so much I realized I couldn’t care less, even after the thrown in sex scenes! Oftentimes, things felt forced and overly sentimental. Sure, it was sweet that Dax helped out with the girl scout knock-off troupe, known as the Lady Bug Lovelies. All of this had me picking it up then putting it down, and then forcing myself to slog my way through it. I feel like something was missing, and I still can’t quite put my finger on it, but it wasn't a very enjoyable read for me. I'm thinking that I may have to avoid the author in the future if the next book doesn't wow me back into fandom.