The Idea of You

The Idea of You - Darcy Burke This book was a complete turn around from the previous novel! I loved how the author tackled a difficult hero like Evan, and created a perfect match for him!

Evan is very much "on the spectrum", due to the fact that he has Asperger's Syndrome, as well as ADHD and sensory issues. This made him extremely easy for me to connect to him, as my son is also on the spectrum, with some of the same issues as well! I found it interesting to see his coping mechanisms, as well as how he moved beyond his illnesses and brother's death to become a successful graphic designer. I saw much of my husband and son in Evan, and was glad to read about him.

Alaina was different for a heroine, but I liked her for the most part. My biggest pet peeve when it came to her was that she didn't go in depth about her family, and yet her mother, whom I thought she hated, was at the wedding at the end of the book. It made no sense to me to have her there, and it wasn't well explained at all!

This is one story I want to get my husband to read, because I found it to be a story that he and I both could relate to!