Vengeance in Death

Vengeance in Death  - J.D. Robb This book was much better than the previous installment! It was clear that the author was more familiar with the religion used in this book, and treated it with reverence instead of ridicule. The story was also much more interesting than the previous one, dealing with Roarke's past a bit and plots of revenge. I liked seeing some of the closure that happened in this story regarding his past!

With the suspect in this book, we see Eve having to deal with something repugnant to her: defend an innocent man she despises, when it would be so much simpler for her to railroad him. Her sense of justice won't let her do that though, and she shines all the more for it.

This book is pivotal because it introduces another major character to the Eve Universe: McNab from EDD. We get to watch as the sparks start to fly between him and Peabody and it makes for an interesting diversion.

I was almost as surprised by the actual killer as Eve was, and the story barreled along to that finishing point. My one complaint is that it ended very abruptly, but it was an engrossing read nonetheless!