Incandescent - River Savage I've read a few biker novels, ever since I started binge watching Sons of Anarchy on Amazon Instant Video a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I've had some ups and downs with them, but not this book!

Kadence was a strong heroine in her own right, but because of what she lived through, not because she was forced into it. I loved that Nix didn't want to change her at all as he grew to want her more in his world. And while he was clearly dominant, he wasn't domineering with it too much. It was the perfect balance and it increased my enjoyment of the story quite a bit.

My chief complaint with this book was that I wanted more explanations that what we were given. Nix's takeover and changes sounded relatively easily accomplished, and yet I know that it couldn't have gone down that way. The situation with Addison was also not well explained and I was left with questions even after she was written out of the story. The relationship between Nix and Kadence also seemed to move rather quickly for my tastes, and the explanation for it was rather flimsy to me.

All things considered, the second I "closed" this book on my Kindle, I wanted to read the next one, so I know that it was a good read!