Untitled - Kylie Scott I've enjoyed the Stage Dive series up until this point, but this book really ruined it for me.

Ben was a complete jerk for the entire book, constantly jerking Lizzy around by her emotions. I couldn't see what she saw in him! Ben's sister Martha wasn't any better! She couldn't believe that Lizzy wouldn't be after money and basically treated Lizzy like dirt.

That being said, Lizzy really didn't stand up for herself, as she kept constantly going back to Ben, after continuously threatening to leave. She felt like a doormat to me!

Seeing the band on tour and what was happening with the other couples was what kept the book from a one star rating. I loved how Anne and Mal kept taking Lizzy's back when Ben screwed up! This book also seems to set up a spin off series, introducing the members of Dive Forward, only to have the band split up. All things considered, it was an ok book and lack luster finishing installment to the series, but I'm looking forward to the spin off series more.