Fatal Consequences

Fatal Consequences  - Marie Force This was an engaging read, but one I found implausible in a number of ways. You could tell that the author had done some research on the subject of anchor babies, which I appreciated.

The plot of this one builds on the events of the books prior to this, but I found it highly implausible that Sam could work through an active miscarriage. I also couldn't believe that Freddie and Elin were split up by the end of this book. Why hook them up in the first place?! In addition to that, I couldn't believe that such a slip up could take place that would allow Sam's ex an out for his actions. Just too many implausibilities for me to give it 5 stars.

Ignoring that, we do see development in the lives of all the characters, which was enjoyable to read. It left me wanting to read the next book, but hoping that the implausible scenarios would be kept to a minimum.