Curve My Song (The Curvies Book 1)

Curve My Song (The Curvies Book 1) - Sarah Gai I had really hoped to enjoy this story, but what I got wasn't really a is actually a series of short scenes from about a year in the lives of the characters, loosely threaded together to give you a perspective of the surface of a relationship between the two main characters.

The writing is minimal at best. There's little to no description and a lot of telling, not showing, which made it hard for me to use my imagination about these characters. Throughout the book, they just tell us the bare minimum of what they're feeling. For example, the heroine has a troubled past with her jerk of a father, which has led her to struggle with love and relationships, but the heroine doesn't really talk about it. She just tells us what's happened and says that she doesn't trust men because of it. That's it. Much of the book read this way for me, and it felt very mechanical and unemotional.

The entire book is told in first-person POV, switching between the hero and heroine, which I found distracting and annoying. However, there was one major problem: their voices have no real distinction between them. I often confused the two of them and had to rely on context to understand who was "talking", even though the author sometimes made it a point to refer to who was talking in the chapter header.

All that being said, the characters and plot are hard to believe. The "story" (and series) follows three best friends. They are plus size, but all the guys still drool over them, all because they're so confident. All three are in love with three guys who are all best friends, and they all knew each other in high school, as well as having some sort of crush or unrequited love situation between all of them. They never did anything about it and now it's ten years later and they're finally starting to hook up with one another. It just didn't make any sense to me why they have all been pining away for each other for so long. If they were that confident in high school, why didn't anyone make a move to get together back then?!

And finally, the title and cover were a bit deceiving to me. I opened the book expecting to read a plus-size centered story, but really I just got an everyday romance filled with a lot of problems for me as a reader. I couldn't believe that the author made a big deal about the fact that they're plus size gals, and never had it play a major part in the "story". The whole book seemed packaged to deliver a story about a woman who struggled with self-esteem because of her weight and the man who showed her a real and lasting love and then didn't. It left me disappointed, and unwilling to continue the series because of it.