Dark Triumph

Dark Triumph  - Robin LaFevers This book wasn't bad, when I could actually get into it. It dragged in a number of places, and took me several days to read it. The book was historically interesting, and picked up right where the previous one left off.

Sybella was an interesting character, with a very tortured back story. She was a very tough as nails character, but one could tell that she just wanted a normal, loving relationship in her life. Likewise, the Beast of Waroch made for an interesting hero, but he was also a bit too domineering for my tastes sometimes. Eventually, the main characters went into insta-love, which made no sense, to me as there was really no lead up towards it.

We revisit the couple from the previous story, and the heroine of the next story is mentioned quite a bit in this one as well. One has to wonder where the bigger picture will end up leaving us after this installment.