The One (The Selection)

The One (The Selection) - Kiera Cass Even though it had been a while since I read the preceding books in the series, it wasn't that hard to fall back into the world. However, it ended very abruptly for my tastes.

It picked up where the previous book left off and chronicled Maxon's thought process for his final choice. It's always been evident to me that America would be the one to win Maxon. However, we get to see how the other candidates are trying to win Maxon's affections as well.

I never really understood the reasoning behind the rebel attacks, and it wasn't explained well for me either. Maxon's rise to the crown was very abrupt, and how things shook out with the America/Aspen situation wasn't handled well either. It felt like an abrupt and lackluster ending to this chapter of the series.