Any Duchess Will Do

Any Duchess Will Do  - Tessa Dare I enjoyed this story! I thought it rather unlikely that Griff would wind up with Pauline, but there were so many hidden depths to her that I wound up applauding him for finding "The Diamond in the Rough". I loved how Pauline kept wanting to be more, to learn and grow beyond her beginnings as a simple barmaid. I loved how tortured Griff was and how he was willing to give everything he could up to be with Pauline. The only thing I had a real problem with was the fact that there wasn't a guide in the book that told who was who, and I didn't remember it from my readings of the previous books, as they refer to Griff taking liberties with Minerva, and it is hard to grasp the context of that from only slight references in this story. All in all, a good read!