Carnal Gift (Kenleigh/Blakewell Family Saga)

Carnal Gift (Kenleigh/Blakewell Family Saga) - Pamela Clare I really wanted to enjoy this book, but I wound up having a few problems with it. First and foremost, it felt almost exactly like the first book in the trilogy, just in a different country and with a role reversal! Secondly, I kept feeling like BrĂ­ghid kept expecting Jamie to abandon her because she was poor, Irish, Catholic, or any other reason she could imagine. For someone to be so "independent" of a heroine, she certainly had no sense of self-worth! It got very irritating! Because of these flaws, the book really dragged for me, to the point of me not wanting to read it anymore! I've been challenged to read the third book, but I really don't want to after this!