Filthy English

Filthy English - Ilsa Madden-Mills I just couldn't get into it! At one point, I was 30-something percent into it, and I wound up remarking in my buddy read how much I really hated Remi! Dax hadn't shown enough of himself to have me make a determination one way or the other at that point, but he never went much deeper than that point, making him very shallow for me. I felt that the focus of the book was sex only, and revenge against each other, but the main characters were very childish overall and they never actually sat down and discussed their issues with each other and the ex-boyfriend. This book did nothing but reinforce my stereotype that all New Adult sub-genre books suck! The redeeming quality of this book was the cameos from Declan and Elizabeth, as it was good to catch up with the characters I had enjoyed. I didn't remember the first book sucking as bad as this one did, but I think I will avoid any future books in the series or by the author!