The Bride Wore Coveralls

The Bride Wore Coveralls - Debra Ullrick I started this one in the ending hours of my first ever Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon and my first thought about it was "What took me so long to get to this?!". Sadly, this sentiment did not carry through the remainder of the book.

Camara was so snooty! She acted like she was the greatest thing since sliced bread to come along to the racing and auto mechanics worlds, but she wasn't anything special. She thought she knew it all, and that wound up costing her at times in the story. I really didn't see her gradual change, just that she did, and found it rather startling, which made their fall in love not as believable for me.

I loved Chase! I would have loved to see a before/after look at him, but the descriptions of how he was before he accepted Christ worked nearly as well. I liked how he held to his beliefs, even though Camara was always accusing him of wrongdoing.

All things considered, this was a good book, and got me interested enough in the series to read the next book.