Heat Exchange (Boston Fire)

Heat Exchange (Boston Fire) - Shannon Stacey I figured when I read the blurb on this that I'd give the author another try, as I really didn't care for her Kowalskis series, but I'm sad to report that this book wasn't much better. There was a lot of angst, deception, and manipulation in this story, as if we were dealing with high school kids rather than adults.

I pretty much hated Ashley and how easily manipulated Lydia was. What sister calls another one home just so she can avoid seeing people that want to give her advice about her marriage? Plus, Ashley seems very passive aggressive in her role in her marriage failing, all because she needed "space". What did she expect, wine and roses every day when she's married to a firefighter? Yeah, not going to happen there. I get that she was trying to provoke a reaction with her little stunt, but yeah, too manipulative and passive aggressive for my tastes.

I had a major problem with all the secret keeping, and the manipulative nature of the Kincaid family. I also didn't like how Lydia kept putting up a fuss about how much she didn't want to be with a firefighter, then caved pretty much immediately when Aiden proposed, as if she didn't know what she wanted in the first place.

I think I'll be deleting this from my Kindle and possibly avoiding the series and author in the future.