No Knight Needed

No Knight Needed - Stephanie Rowe I really hated this book! It was like a train wreck, I wanted to quit it, but couldn't put it down because I wanted to know what happened with the relationships introduced. It took what seemed like forever to finish it, though it was actually only two days. I wound up finishing another book I had started on the same day long before I finished this one!

My biggest problem was the characters. The secondary characters seemed more concerned about getting the heroine laid than actually being supportive friends! Katie was a complete pill, typical for a teenager, but she said a lot of things that I would have gotten disciplined for that went unremarked upon! Griffin was clueless and focused to the point of having blinders on about reconnecting with his daughter. I appreciated Clare's need for independence, but she took it a bit too far at times.

For me, this just wasn't a good read, and I won't be continuing the series.