Step by Step

Step by Step - Candace Calvert I've been a fan of this author for a while now, but I've had a really hard time getting into this new series, and this installment is no exception to that.

To me, Taylor spent the entire book being repressed by her new love interest, and hung up on the questions surrounding her husband's death. When she finally acknowledges that she might be interested in Seth and he in her, she can't believe in it, and clings to her fledgling relationship to the plastic surgeon, even though he is clearly manipulative.

Seth didn't come across as a great character for me, he was just kinda there, just like the romance between him and Taylor was. He came across to me as very closed off and secretive. He really did nothing to ease Taylor's mind about her husband, and I really began to hate that about him.

The secondary characters were uninspiring at best, and the religious angle felt a little forced to me. This was not a good example of living Faith for me! I'm hesitant to continue on with the author, but will at least finish this series.