Sway - Melanie Stanford I have to start by saying that I've never read the book that inspired this story. That being said, I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not having read it. On its own, this book just wasn't that great to me.

Ava came across as very spineless in the beginning, then devolved into an angsty mess. I hated her family and her "new boyfriend". Her friend was the only one I really liked! There wasn't much of Eric to see, as the "couple" spent most of their time apart and then suddenly were back together and so much in love! They weren't the only couple in the book like this though! The sex scenes weren't that erotic to me, so I felt confused as to why this was a Samhain title, as I associate them with Erotic Romance. In fact, this felt very much like a New Adult romance gone wrong, and I avoid New Adult like the plague!

All in all, not the book for me, and one I'll be deleting from my Kindle Library.