Hard to Serve: A Hard Ink Novella

Hard to Serve:  A Hard Ink Novella - Laura Kaye I was a bit skeptical when I found out that Laura Kaye would be doing a BDSM novella, as I hadn’t found her other works all that erotic, even when they were supposed to be! However, I was extremely surprised by this story!

I liked seeing Detective Vance again, and his natural Dominant nature, and how he brought the story into Hard Ink again for another little mini update about our couples from that series. Mia was a great submissive and an impressive heroine in her own right! Vance has a couple of clueless sessions, but he winds up doing right by Mia in the end. I liked seeing the club setting and meeting the different Masters there. I would definitely want to read more about them!

My only complaint about this book was that it was too short! I wanted so much more than I got! All things considered, I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a quick erotic read!