Unraveled (Elemental Assassin)

Unraveled (Elemental Assassin) - Jennifer Estep When you get above 10 books in a series, one of two things can happen: the series begins to get stale and repetitive, or the author finds new ways to keep it fresh. Unfortunately, the Elemental Assassin series has become very repetitive for me.

Yet again, Gin goes on vacation and something bad happens. It felt like we were spinning our wheels, plot arc wise, when it came to this story. We didn't learn too much new information and in fact had more unanswered questions thrown at us. There just wasn't much substance to the story, but it did pass somewhat quickly. What I found redeeming about this story was the setting. I found it entertaining to envision the setting and what it would be like to wander around in this setting.

Thankfully, I picked this one up from the library, as I would have been disappointed if I had spent money for it.